Idea to get career in merchant navy

For some people, it is terrifying to be stuck work in front of desk at office daily. Most people want to get good career that improve their knowledge, salary and skill with exciting experience. Nowadays, career in merchant navy is an exciting job in the world. People will get free travel aboard, high pay salary and boost adrenaline experience. Once you are interested in merchant navy career, it is time to get good merchant navy training course and ship Management Company that support and sponsor you as well.

One way to do is searching online on the web for shipping Management Company. Many big shipping company such as; BP, shell hire and recruit new employ per year for company operation. For starting, you can apply online form and complete with all information. If your application is good, then you will contacted by shipping company and get interview invitation. It is important to have good merchant navy background, preparation and research for the job. You should identify and determine type of board ship do you want to apply and type of merchant training or shipping equipment to use. For those who have graduate from STCW course, then they can show STCW certificate from dedicated and approved Aryavart Corporation International merchant navy institute.

When you invited in interview session, you have to convince all interview test with realistic experience and expectation of what kind of life will you like at sea and portray you by spending a lot of time on the ship. Once you get to pass on interview stage, then you will get recommendation to the ship management company. This process will take few weeks and continue to second interview. It will be focused to your personality and job information from Ship Company. If everything goes smoothly, then you will get sponsorship, congratulation on you. The company will pay you for sponsorship. All you need is studying more about qualification and pass examination, then you will become qualified seaman


How to Choose Different Career in Merchant Navy ?

For those who love traveling while work, merchant navy is good career to choose. It is perfect career for those who interesting to work on the sea, meet new cultural, traveling aboard and work far away from home. In merchant navy career, you will travel to some countries depend on ship operation. If you are interested in merchant navy career, here are some important courses to join as follows:-

  • Pre-sea training. This course give student engine maintenance training. Pre-sea course is also well known as GPR [general purpose rating]. If you take this course, you will spend 6 month training. All candidates can join with this course after 10th with 40 percent aggregate. The student should have English, mathematics and science with 40 percent marks. The age limit to join pre-sea training is student with 17-25 years old.
  • Deck cadet course. This course gives student diploma level in nautical science. The student should have mathematic, chemistry and physic with 50 percent in English and aggregate at 10+2 or 10th. 
  • STCW courses. This course is basic training for safety includes; PSSR [personal safety and social responsibility], PST [personal survival technique], FPFF [fire prevention and fire fighting] and EFA [elementary first aid]. All STCW training takes for fifteen days.


After join all those merchant navy courses above, then you will get bright career. Aryavart Corporation International merchant navy institute is one of leading international merchant navy training that provide student with professional, dedicated and experienced maritime training. Supplying with merchant navy simulator and training equipment make this institute is recommended course for people who want to work in maritime industries.

Aryavart corporation is one of the best institute located in Ropar. Aryavart corporation is providing high quality training and provide STCW certification.


Thing to know about marine engineering

It is important to know that marine engineering is very wonderful career for people who love work on the sea and extreme of ship equipment. It is great career that give people instant adrenaline adventure and experience. Overall, marine engineering job is an exciting career with stunning wave adventure on the ocean. Most of marine engineering carry international import and export cargo through the sea and it depend on wave vessel and management ship. Marine engineering is one of branch of engineering with architecture and nautical science. This job is conducted in the inland water, coastal that connected or associated with the sea.

The main work of marine engineering is dealing with ship maintenance, sailing vessel and ship construction. It is vital career as well as ship technical management. The ship operation, maintenance and construction is considered with technical management. Marine engineering manage all ship technical aspect for safety of the ship operation. Nowadays, marine engineering is improved by advance electronic navigation and technology.

Marine engineering attract many student in the world and people who love and interesting to work on the sea. This job provides unique career opportunity and career both off and on shore. All employment get opportunity in different area includes; manufacturing industry, navy industry and merchant navy. There are many dedicated maritime or merchant navy institute that offer various merchant navy training which provide student professional career. People can get BE, ME, PhD marine engineering and diploma from Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute. This institute offer good placement for those who want to work in merchant navy. Join merchant navy training as high demand of marine engineering in private and public ship Management Company.

It is important to get career in marine engineering from reputed and dedicated maritime course institute in Aryavart Corporation that can provide you high skill and knowledge to manage all technical aspect on the ship.

How to Choose Job Position in Merchant Navy

If you decide to work in merchant navy industry, there are different kinds of job responsibilities to choose and complete before apply for work on the ship management company. The first job responsibility is deck officer. In this department, you should have high skill in ship navigation, cargo storage, ship management, ship maneuvering, ship stabilities and cargo handling operation. Deck officer divided into several job positions includes; captain, chief officer and 2nd officer position. The captain is also well known as the first man on the ship. He/she has full responsibilities for all crew and operation. The chief officer is maintaining job in the deck team, cargo supplies and cargo holding. The second officer work for safety crew, radio maintenance, ship repair, ship equipment maintenance, and ship navigation.

In order to pas test of deck officer position, all candidate should meet specific requirement and clear of test, includes; IMU test, IT entrance test and 10+2 PCM test, PCM 60 percent marks and English 50 percent marks. Entrance test can be approved by merchant navy institute and nautical institute.

The second department is engine officer responsibility. Most of engine officer work with machinery maintenance on the ship. The position of engine officer is good merchant navy job position as well as deck officer with chief officer, 2nd officer and 3rd officer. All engine officer team should responsibility for all mechanical and electrical maintenance on the ship. To join work as professional and expert engine officer, all candidate should be following requirement and criteria as follows; graduate from merchant navy institute in mechanical engineering department with 60 percent marks, 10+2 PCM 60 percent and English 50 percent marks, pass 2 year diploma study in mechanical engineering with 60 percent marks. You should complete and pass study merchant navy courses and sea training in approved Aryavart Corporation institute.

Aryavart Corporation Is one of the leading Institute of Merchant Navy Which provide Certified training for Seaman’s job.

Why you should career in merchant navy? (By Aryavart Corporation)

It is important to know that merchant navy is not similar with Indian navy. Merchant navy is not fighting-navy. Most merchant ship carry various cargo includes; bulk ore, animal, passenger, oil and container cargo. The main attraction from merchant navy career is good of salaries and free travel foreign as bonus. People who work in merchant navy will get high income at young age.

For example, the third officer or fourth officer on oil tanker ship can get salary up to 2,000 dollars per month and it depends on type of company and ship they join. For junior officer usually work for four up to six month contract and senior officer work for three or four months contract. Some ship management companies pay salaries per year while some of them pay while officer on sail. People who work in merchant navy often get high salary because they work far away from home for long times. In fact, they spend many times at the sea.

Officer can go to ashore when they complete job and don’t forget to work again and leave shore. It never stop to work on the ship as long the ship do many work includes; loading cargo, discharging cargo and sailing. The ship will stop for while in port. Oil tanker ship in port for twenty four hours, and container ship only stay few hours in port. It is important to know that some country not allow you to stay for holiday after completed tenure with your oil tanker/cargo ship. The ship owner will pay high salary for it because you work far away from home, stay at the sea for long times and far away from families. But, when you work in merchant navy job on the ship, you will meet with different cultural in the world. You can meet with officer from the United Kingdom, The United State, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Croatia and other countries. It means, you will not spend your time alone in the cabin.

Every ship hire specialize and expert crew for different position. For this reason, it is important to get study or course from professional merchant navy institute. You can take CDC merchant navy course at Aryavart Corporation.

Finding structure deck crew department in the merchant navy

Working aboard in the ship is very different with other shored job in the real world. In this industry, every

crew ship has specific job and responsibility in order to maintenance and sustains ship operation run

smoothly. There are much type of job position in the ship such as; deck department and engine

department. The deck department is divided into several job description such as; ship navigation, ship

managing for cargo and gear, ship accommodation, ship fire fighting, ship appliances and ship life saving.

Deck department stay in charge with discharging, looking and receiving after cargo with following

hierarchy such as; chief officer, master, deck cadet, 2nd officer and 3rd officer.

The first hierarchy in the ship level is master. This level is responsible for ship preservation, ship safety

and ensures all crew ship able to work correctly. Master is also responsible for ship accounting, ship

documentation, immigration protocol, ship payroll and inventory. In order to achieve master hierarchy, you

should have many experiences as chief officer and deck officer for long period of times. The first officer

after master hierarchy is chief mate or chief officer. The chief officer is responsible for ship navigation,

discharging ship operation, ship charging and watch task. The chief officer usually has connection with

other officer. He also can post assignment all master implementation to maintain ship maintenance and

safety operation.

The following hierarchy after chief officer is second mate or second officer. The second officer is

responsible for ship update publication, ship maintain chart, ship passage plan and ship watch keeping.

This level is also can train all cadet on the ship to ensure ship safety, ship security and maintain ship

environment. The next hierarchy is third mate or third officer. This third mate is responsible for ship safety,

maintain fire fighting, life ship saving and equipment. Last, cadet is responsible to receive all experience

and structure course on the board. Apart of deck department officer, the crew is also divided into 3 rating

imcludes; able body seaman [AB], ordinary seaman [OS] and boatswain seaman. For full information

regarding to merchant navy job description, go to official Aryavart Corporation merchant institute site.



Aryavart corporation is located in Chandigarh

How to Get job in Merchant Navy

Merchant navy is one of career in commercial cargo and passenger transportation on the sea. Most of merchant navy job is associated with commercial container, passenger vessel and cargo liner service. It offer specific job as people can go to various exotic and interesting destination and make new adventures during their life. Merchant navy requires specialize expert and professional person who can work in different position seriously to manage all operation. It is inseparable aspect of international trading. People will never rule-out cargo and goods transportation.

If you are interested to get job from mercpic3hant navy, then you must be prepare all mental and physical healthy. People who join work in merchant navy must be open and accept various situation and experiences. They should get high spirit to get high study for better job position and responsibility. It is needed high intelligence to manage operation and handle any difficult situation. People should be ready work far away from their home for long time and free from home sick feeling.

One of job position in merchant navy is marine navigator, marine engineer and marine radio operator. Many ship management companies hired expert men and women who have specialize in marine engineer. There are many department available in merchant navy jobs includes; service department, medical service, kitchen service, and laundry service. For deck job position, there are various job responsibility includes; chief officer, captain, 2nd officer and 3rd officer.

For those who interesting with engine department, there are different kind of job responsibilities available in merchant navy includes; chief engineer, radio officer, electrical officer and junior engineer. If you decide to take apart in merchant navy job, then you should try admission at Aryavart Corporation that provide you plenty of professional merchant navy courses with qualified, experienced and dedicated marine training faculties and start this career.