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Working aboard in the ship is very different with other shored job in the real world. In this industry, every crew ship has specific job and responsibility in order to maintenance and sustains ship operation run smoothly. There are much type of job position in the ship such as; deck department and engine department.  The deck department is divided into several job description such as; ship navigation, ship managing for cargo and gear, ship accommodation, ship fire fighting, ship appliances and ship life saving. Deck department stay in charge with discharging, looking and receiving after cargo with following hierarchy such as; chief officer, master, deck cadet, 2nd officer and 3rd officer.

The first hierarchy in the ship level is master.  This level is responsible for ship preservation, ship safety and ensures all crew ship able to work correctly. Master is also responsible for ship accounting, ship documentation, immigration protocol, ship payroll and inventory. In order to achieve master hierarchy, you should have many experiences as chief officer and deck officer for long period of times. The first officer after master hierarchy is chief mate or chief officer. The chief officer is responsible for ship navigation, discharging ship operation, ship charging and watch task. The chief officer usually has connection with other officer. He also can post assignment all master implementation to maintain ship maintenance and safety operation.

The following hierarchy after chief officer is second mate or second officer. The second officer is responsible for ship update publication, ship maintain chart, ship passage plan and ship watch keeping. This level is also can train all cadet on the ship to ensure ship safety, ship security and maintain ship environment. The next hierarchy is third mate or third officer. This third mate is responsible for ship safety, maintain fire fighting, life ship saving and equipment. Last, cadet is responsible to receive all experience and structure course on the board. Apart of deck department officer, the crew is also divided into 3 rating imcludes; able body seaman [AB], ordinary seaman [OS] and boatswain seaman. For full information regarding to merchant navy job description, go to official Aryavart Corporation International merchant institute site.


Why so importance of marine course?

Nowadays, many career opportunities are available in the marine field. Marine fishing business is going to increase time by time. Many people need to join and involve in this business and help marine field to grow. People will see that so important of marine industry even this day so many boat owner didn’t get boat licenses and most of them didn’t know how its importance because having boat without proper marine license is punish-able offence. More people who have boat didn’t have boat license because they didn’t know it well. For this reason, marine course is so essential training because through this marine course more people will know about such things associated with marine environment and ship management.

Marine field require improved ship equipment and instrument such as; marine radio instrument. It is widely used in all shipping company. Nowadays, marine radio often increase and change in good improvement day by day. It is great combination between receiver and transmitter and very useful to help captain to connect nearest marine station to inform them if they were in serious dangerous situation such as; chip accident, crash and extreme weather. Marine radio instrument is small screen with map area scan which show captain and crew of ship travel mapping. There is something important to get for boat/ship license where every captain or ship crew must be having it as speed licensing.

People can see that how important and growing this marine career in the real world. They should be visit and get skilled knowledge from dedicated, professional and experienced marine course as well as Aryavart Corporation International that offering excellent marine training. This institute dedicate student with complete and modern marine technology, marine equipment by professional and experienced marine instructor. It is the only way to reach professional, skilled and talented marine engineering and other job position in the merchant navy.

How to become expert marine engineer

There is challenging career in the world which deals with sea, science and nautical architect, it called marine engineering. This job is very interesting and exciting career that explore more deep vastness and cover almost 1/3 jobs in the earth. Almost 80 percent of marine engineering is good job in sea transportation business through sea route. For this reason, this increase field needs more research, understanding, exploring of all aspect associated with seaman job. This growing career calls many of marine engineers.

In order to become expert marine engineer, it need crucial merchant navy course in the seaman field. Presently, many merchant course, institute or college available in the real world offers various SCTW certification and SCTW course in this required career. The most requirements in this field are bachelor engineering or B.E. degree. The marine course required essential knowledge regarding to ship management strategy, basic design of ship and ship operation. With this great knowledge, student will know how to communicate with other employ, skilled in ship technical with attractive personality. Many private and public ship management companies are looking for talented, skilled and professional marine engineers to get involved in high increase business competition in the shipping market.

There are 3 great career in marine field includes; ocean engineering, marine engineering and naval architecture. Ocean engineering focus and responsibility in analyze marine ship vehicle and ocean environment. Marine engineering is connecting to the ship technical and naval architecture is responsibility in building basic marine ship design. Choosing ship machinery, resolving marine ship problem, research for ship equipment and ensuring ship operation are crucial key to success in this career. For those who wish wants to work and explore in the real ocean and sea career, it is important to take merchant navy course offered by Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute.

Why you need take Marine course?


Become professional marine is an exciting career in merchant navy. Marine courses for professional marine are great school foundation offered by maritime school. This institute offers various marine training and course in different subject in maritime to educate student become professional and expert marine. Shipping environment, shipping engineering, ship business management and resource sustainability are main commercial maritime fields that every student could explore all ship operation and navigation.

Student should go through various training and marine course and use different instrument and marine tools naturally. It used in navigation training to educate student become professional and expert licensed navigator on the ship. A good marine training and institute often incorporate with new marine technology such as; chart plotter, multi navigation display, marine GPS, radar and other navigation tools.  The government law associated with ship management operation and navigation is also important part of data in professional marine field. Professional marine should know all marine equipment required for safety and health marine environment with followed regulation. Emergency course is also important to take to make sure all candidates are capable and skilled to practice safety and create crucial decision during ship operation. In one research showed that more than eighty percent of marine accident was caused by human error. For this reason, safety equipment and professional marine course is important to reduce or eliminate the risk of potential marine accident.

Aryavart Corporation marine institute is a good place to start to be professional and expert marine with skilled and qualified navigation knowledge and expert ship management operation. In this course, all students will get proper skill, knowledge with latest marine technologies includes training for radio transmitter, radar course, marine chart, safety and health programs. All reputable commercial transport business, ship company and cruise line often hire professional and expert seaman who can work and outstanding with perfect expertise and performance. In this case, don’t miss getting better education at Aryavart Corporation institute.


Competency Certificate for Career as Yacht Crew

If you apply for a job on yacht, you should complete STCW course for 5 days. SCTW or standard of training certification and watch keeping is basic course for those who want to work on the ship. SCTW is essential competency certificate for people who apply for career in merchant navy industry. You will spend budget about USD $800-$1200 for SCTW course. It is huge cost but you will get high salaries from Ship Company.

The course rate look like jump over before starting work on yacht. Here are some crucial reasons for it, as follows;

  • Standard of training certification and watch keeping or SCTW certification is competency course for qualified position on board with safety crew both for luxury motor board crew and sailing yacht crew.
  • All employ with SCTW certificate will be confident in merchant navy role and get better work in merchant navy job.
  • The captain will not hire without crucial reason as explained in first reason above.
  • Taking SCTW course with dedicated and reputable Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute is a good way to build network with qualified instructor and other people. All candidates can build great confidence and lead to the job on the ship.

After you finished SCTW training course, then you will get competency certificate that you need to work on yacht. The first paycheck from your job on yacht will cover SCTW course tuition before. Once you get certified person, then you eligible to be invited and hired for merchant navy job. If you decide to improve your job position become a captain, marine engineer or yacht chef, and then it is important to take further course with new level competency certificate for current job position. Getting new experience and free traveling aboard is a bonus for this job. It is better idea to identify and improve all appropriate merchant navy course and training, if you wish to take higher job position and salaries.

How to choose qualified dynamic positioning training

STCW and DP course are essential training in merchant navy career. STCW or standard of training certification and watch keeping and dynamic positioning course are heart of career in merchant navy. Without these courses, people will hard to find job at sea. However, there are many place that offer DP and STCW training. How to choose qualified SCTW and DP course location? Here are some tips to consideration

  • Flexible

It is best idea to get SCTW and DP course that match with your expectation. Usually, STCW training made up with various modules and all students should take all modules to add in portfolio. It is time to find the right place that provides modules flexibility.

  • Well trained instructor

Qualified instructor is important part in choosing SCTW and DP training centre. This factor will show you the level of experience and expertise of merchant navy instructor at merchant navy institute.

The best merchant navy course will employ well trained instructor with expert skill, knowledge and real world experience. It is good benefit for student by getting well trained instructor that can share knowledge and experience work at sea. Getting real world experience is bonus from SCTW training.

  • Extra convenient

It is advisable to choose SCTW training centre that located far away from your home. Traveling to SCTW centre is beginning experience in all training. The best SCTW and DP course centre will help student to arrange accommodation and food to improve their experience and convenient for them.

  • Provide real world experience preparation

The best SCTW and DP centre is not only providing you SCTW and DP certificate, but also provide real world preparation for commercial merchant navy world. This training can help you to prepare for extreme and crucial stage by providing interview technique and advice on CV. In order to get dedicated, well trained instructor, Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute is recommended place to visit for the best SCTW and DP training centre.

Why STCW Course is important in merchant navy job?

For those who want to start career in merchant navy or other work career at the sea, then they have to get STCW training. It is specific course to take if people want to work at sea. It is important to keep in mind that STCW course is so important to get career at sea.

Starting with SCTW training of standard of training, certification and watch keeping as basic training for those who want get career at sea before they able to work in the ship company. It is important to complete all stage in SCTW course to get high qualification with following parts, as follows;

  • EFA training for elementary first aid course
  • FPFF training for fire fighting and fire prevention course
  • PST training for personal survival technique course, and
  • PSSR training for personal safety and social responsibility

STCW is basic training for people who interested to get career at sea because this people are requirement for any ship position. It will be hard to find job at sea without STW certification because all candidate have to standard minimum of qualification. This training will help people basic skill of career that they need to get start at first job. STCW training is perfect place to meet with other people and network that can help you to get new experience and first position. You can get advantage from your instructor and help you to get the right job opportunity.

When you decide to choose the right place where you can take STCW training, there is something to consider about instructor qualification. You want to get training where your instructor is not only well-trained instructor but also good person with a lot of experience. For this reason, it is time to go to Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute with dedicated, well trained instructor. In this institute, all qualified instructor will share any knowledge and experience with you and get awesome idea of such thing that involved in merchant navy career at sea.