How to choose qualified dynamic positioning training

STCW and DP course are essential training in merchant navy career. STCW or standard of training certification and watch keeping and dynamic positioning course are heart of career in merchant navy. Without these courses, people will hard to find job at sea. However, there are many place that offer DP and STCW training. How to choose qualified SCTW and DP course location? Here are some tips to consideration

  • Flexible

It is best idea to get SCTW and DP course that match with your expectation. Usually, STCW training made up with various modules and all students should take all modules to add in portfolio. It is time to find the right place that provides modules flexibility.

  • Well trained instructor

Qualified instructor is important part in choosing SCTW and DP training centre. This factor will show you the level of experience and expertise of merchant navy instructor at merchant navy institute.

The best merchant navy course will employ well trained instructor with expert skill, knowledge and real world experience. It is good benefit for student by getting well trained instructor that can share knowledge and experience work at sea. Getting real world experience is bonus from SCTW training.

  • Extra convenient

It is advisable to choose SCTW training centre that located far away from your home. Traveling to SCTW centre is beginning experience in all training. The best SCTW and DP course centre will help student to arrange accommodation and food to improve their experience and convenient for them.

  • Provide real world experience preparation

The best SCTW and DP centre is not only providing you SCTW and DP certificate, but also provide real world preparation for commercial merchant navy world. This training can help you to prepare for extreme and crucial stage by providing interview technique and advice on CV. In order to get dedicated, well trained instructor, Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute is recommended place to visit for the best SCTW and DP training centre.


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