Idea to get career in merchant navy

For some people, it is terrifying to be stuck work in front of desk at office daily. Most people want to get good career that improve their knowledge, salary and skill with exciting experience. Nowadays, career in merchant navy is an exciting job in the world. People will get free travel aboard, high pay salary and boost adrenaline experience. Once you are interested in merchant navy career, it is time to get good merchant navy training course and ship Management Company that support and sponsor you as well.

One way to do is searching online on the web for shipping Management Company. Many big shipping company such as; BP, shell hire and recruit new employ per year for company operation. For starting, you can apply online form and complete with all information. If your application is good, then you will contacted by shipping company and get interview invitation. It is important to have good merchant navy background, preparation and research for the job. You should identify and determine type of board ship do you want to apply and type of merchant training or shipping equipment to use. For those who have graduate from STCW course, then they can show STCW certificate from dedicated and approved Aryavart Corporation International merchant navy institute.

When you invited in interview session, you have to convince all interview test with realistic experience and expectation of what kind of life will you like at sea and portray you by spending a lot of time on the ship. Once you get to pass on interview stage, then you will get recommendation to the ship management company. This process will take few weeks and continue to second interview. It will be focused to your personality and job information from Ship Company. If everything goes smoothly, then you will get sponsorship, congratulation on you. The company will pay you for sponsorship. All you need is studying more about qualification and pass examination, then you will become qualified seaman


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