How to Choose Different Career in Merchant Navy ?

For those who love traveling while work, merchant navy is good career to choose. It is perfect career for those who interesting to work on the sea, meet new cultural, traveling aboard and work far away from home. In merchant navy career, you will travel to some countries depend on ship operation. If you are interested in merchant navy career, here are some important courses to join as follows:-

  • Pre-sea training. This course give student engine maintenance training. Pre-sea course is also well known as GPR [general purpose rating]. If you take this course, you will spend 6 month training. All candidates can join with this course after 10th with 40 percent aggregate. The student should have English, mathematics and science with 40 percent marks. The age limit to join pre-sea training is student with 17-25 years old.
  • Deck cadet course. This course gives student diploma level in nautical science. The student should have mathematic, chemistry and physic with 50 percent in English and aggregate at 10+2 or 10th. 
  • STCW courses. This course is basic training for safety includes; PSSR [personal safety and social responsibility], PST [personal survival technique], FPFF [fire prevention and fire fighting] and EFA [elementary first aid]. All STCW training takes for fifteen days.


After join all those merchant navy courses above, then you will get bright career. Aryavart Corporation International merchant navy institute is one of leading international merchant navy training that provide student with professional, dedicated and experienced maritime training. Supplying with merchant navy simulator and training equipment make this institute is recommended course for people who want to work in maritime industries.

Aryavart corporation is one of the best institute located in Ropar. Aryavart corporation is providing high quality training and provide STCW certification.



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