How to Choose Job Position in Merchant Navy

If you decide to work in merchant navy industry, there are different kinds of job responsibilities to choose and complete before apply for work on the ship management company. The first job responsibility is deck officer. In this department, you should have high skill in ship navigation, cargo storage, ship management, ship maneuvering, ship stabilities and cargo handling operation. Deck officer divided into several job positions includes; captain, chief officer and 2nd officer position. The captain is also well known as the first man on the ship. He/she has full responsibilities for all crew and operation. The chief officer is maintaining job in the deck team, cargo supplies and cargo holding. The second officer work for safety crew, radio maintenance, ship repair, ship equipment maintenance, and ship navigation.

In order to pas test of deck officer position, all candidate should meet specific requirement and clear of test, includes; IMU test, IT entrance test and 10+2 PCM test, PCM 60 percent marks and English 50 percent marks. Entrance test can be approved by merchant navy institute and nautical institute.

The second department is engine officer responsibility. Most of engine officer work with machinery maintenance on the ship. The position of engine officer is good merchant navy job position as well as deck officer with chief officer, 2nd officer and 3rd officer. All engine officer team should responsibility for all mechanical and electrical maintenance on the ship. To join work as professional and expert engine officer, all candidate should be following requirement and criteria as follows; graduate from merchant navy institute in mechanical engineering department with 60 percent marks, 10+2 PCM 60 percent and English 50 percent marks, pass 2 year diploma study in mechanical engineering with 60 percent marks. You should complete and pass study merchant navy courses and sea training in approved Aryavart Corporation institute.

Aryavart Corporation Is one of the leading Institute of Merchant Navy Which provide Certified training for Seaman’s job.

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