Finding structure deck crew department in the merchant navy

Working aboard in the ship is very different with other shored job in the real world. In this industry, every

crew ship has specific job and responsibility in order to maintenance and sustains ship operation run

smoothly. There are much type of job position in the ship such as; deck department and engine

department. The deck department is divided into several job description such as; ship navigation, ship

managing for cargo and gear, ship accommodation, ship fire fighting, ship appliances and ship life saving.

Deck department stay in charge with discharging, looking and receiving after cargo with following

hierarchy such as; chief officer, master, deck cadet, 2nd officer and 3rd officer.

The first hierarchy in the ship level is master. This level is responsible for ship preservation, ship safety

and ensures all crew ship able to work correctly. Master is also responsible for ship accounting, ship

documentation, immigration protocol, ship payroll and inventory. In order to achieve master hierarchy, you

should have many experiences as chief officer and deck officer for long period of times. The first officer

after master hierarchy is chief mate or chief officer. The chief officer is responsible for ship navigation,

discharging ship operation, ship charging and watch task. The chief officer usually has connection with

other officer. He also can post assignment all master implementation to maintain ship maintenance and

safety operation.

The following hierarchy after chief officer is second mate or second officer. The second officer is

responsible for ship update publication, ship maintain chart, ship passage plan and ship watch keeping.

This level is also can train all cadet on the ship to ensure ship safety, ship security and maintain ship

environment. The next hierarchy is third mate or third officer. This third mate is responsible for ship safety,

maintain fire fighting, life ship saving and equipment. Last, cadet is responsible to receive all experience

and structure course on the board. Apart of deck department officer, the crew is also divided into 3 rating

imcludes; able body seaman [AB], ordinary seaman [OS] and boatswain seaman. For full information

regarding to merchant navy job description, go to official Aryavart Corporation merchant institute site.



Aryavart corporation is located in Chandigarh


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